• Sound insulation

    Without disturbing noises from the engine and drive train, wind and driving noise increasingly come to the fore.

    We have developed a concept with which we can reduce disturbing noises as much as possible and at the same time optimize the sound of the audio system and the doors.

  • Detailing

    An optimally maintained vehicle is not only beautiful to look at, but also helps to keep the value optimal and simply puts a smile on your face during daily use.

    That is why we work with love and dedication to ensure that the vehicles entrusted to us are perfectly clean and cared for.

  • Accessories

    We always strive to be a "one-stop" partner for our customers' needs. That's why we are constantly expanding our range of useful and tried-and-tested accessories, as well as products we have developed ourselves.

    We only offer field-tested accessories, and we are completely convinced of their quality and usefulness.

  • Individual solutions

    As individual as each person is, so are their requirements for a vehicle. We love our customers and their Teslas. Therefore, we have made it our mission to meet these individual needs.

    This can be, for example, changes to the hi-fi system or special storage options up to a complete camping setup for your Tesla.

  • passion

    When working with us, you quickly realize that we love electromobility and we love Tesla, electricity flows through our veins and this enthusiasm flows into our work.

  • community

    We are well connected in the Tesla world and maintain a friendly relationship with our partners. This is how we always find a top solution, even in tricky projects.

  • You are the focus

    Before a project, we discuss all wishes and concerns and take the necessary time to be able to fulfill them optimally.

  • Always involved

    Wir wissen wie sehr unsere Kunden ihr Fahrzeug lieben, daher halten wir sie immer auf dem aktuellen Stand über den Fortschritt der Arbeiten.